Hello and welcome to GlennsGoGlobal,

Our names are Nathan and Anna Glenn and we work as agricultural missionaries for an organization called Hope in the Harvest, a faith based agricultural development NGO whose vision is to see both agricultural and spiritual transformation throughout Liberia, one of the poorest countries in the world.

Together, we work and teach at Liberia International Christian College (LICC) in Ganta, Liberia. We teach agriculture classes, lead devotions/bible studies, oversee a research/demonstration farm, mentor local agricultural businesses and business owners, train teachers, and do outreach with farmers. We have found that in teaching agriculture, there are so many natural parallels that lend themselves to conversations about faith and we are encouraged and excited about the way to in which God has used these conversations to bring glory to His kingdom! We are passionate about continuing to teach agriculture alongside the gospel so that through this we can continue to help to feed and nourish both the stomach and the spirit of those who hunger and are longing for something more.

This ministry is not something that belongs to us or something that we consider “ours.” The mission of caring for the poor and sharing the hope of Christ is something that God designed each of to be a part of together as the Body of Christ. Our partners who pray for this work, support this work financially, and encourage us as individuals are an essential part of this ministry and we are grateful and humbled by their love and commitment to seeing this ministry grow and we pray that it is impacting them as much as it is impacting us and those that we have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis. To learn more or become a partner in this ministry, please feel free to peruse through our blog at www.glennsgoglobal.wordpress.com/blogs or send us an email at glenns@hopeintheharvest.org. To donate or become a monthly partner, go to: https://ssmfi.org/missionary/nathan-and-anna-glenn/