Hope in the Harvest (2017-2020)

The Agriculture Research Center (ARC) at LICC

Hope in the Harvest Mission International (HITHMI) is a faith-based international NGO (non-governmental organization) whose purpose is to:

“Cultivate Christ’s hope in underdeveloped and impoverished areas of the world through agricultural and personal transformation. Building on borrowed talent, we seek to impact attitudes and practices that will promote the economic and social well-being of individuals, from a conviction that a changed life results from a Christ-changed heart.”

The NGO began operating in Liberia in 2012 under the direction of its co-founders Travis and Gina Sheets. Their vision through Hope in the Harvest was and is “generating Christ-centered economic growth” through both agricultural education and discipleship. Hope in the Harvest currently helps to run the agricultural department at Liberia International Christian College (LICC) and also was integral in overseeing the construction of the Agricultural Resource Center (or “ARC”) on campus. The mission has helped to create agricultural curriculum, train teachers and pastors, and develop an extensive demonstration farm and laboratory that is now known all throughout the country and even other parts of Africa as being a top-notch resource center and experiment station where farmers can learn new knowledge.

While partnering with LICC and running the ARC consumes a majority of the time, the NGO and its missionaries also travel all throughout Liberia teaching farmers sustainable agricultural principles and sharing the gospel through a curriculum that is roughly based on “Farming God’s Way.” Through these trainings, we have seen remarkable improvements in the lives of rural farmers; not just in the ways that they manage their agricultural crops, but also in the ways that they manage their families and relationships with God, church, and friends.

If you want to learn how you can partner with us in this exciting work, please visit: https://glennsgoglobal.wordpress.com/how-can-you-help/.

If you want to learn more about Hope in the Harvest, their core values, their business plan, and/or success stories and prayer requests, visit their website at: http://www.hopeintheharvest.org/.

Take a tour of the farm (live recording from March 2020):