Thank you for your interest in supporting us! There are many different ways that you can financially support our work with HITHMI.

The first option (and easiest option) is for those that would like to pay online, either with a credit/debit card as an automatic withdrawl. The website to donate can be found here: Hope in the Harvest Missions International uses Stripe to process online donations transactions.  This option works best for recurrent donations and special donations (one-time).

The second option is for those that are interested in working with their local bank directly to set up a recurring sending of checks toward the Glenn’s Hope in the Harvest account. You can set it up with your bank to automatically send a check each month for the same amount (you might know this as a “online bill payer”). It is simple to set up and can be stopped at any time.  If you would like help setting this up with your bank, you can again contact ( to get the information needed in setting this up.

The third option available is for those who would like to write and mail a check directly to Hope in the Harvest.  You may write a check and mail it. Checks can be made out and sent to the address below, HITHM, 352 West Clinton Street, Frankfort IN 46041. (Be sure to indicate that your check is for supporting the Glenn Family in the notes section)

We cannot thank you enough for your continued to support and we look forward to seeing that all God accomplishes this year through your support!