AgriCorps (2016-2017)

AgriCorps is the name of the organization that sponsored us and sent us to Liberia for our first year abroad from 2016-2017. AgriCorps is a PeaceCorps-type organization that takes American college graduates of agriculture and places them in developing countries to teach agricultural education in schools and local communities. I (Anna) first learned about this organization at Texas A&M while I was at a conference for international agriculture and fell in love with their mission. When we were first looking to go abroad we could not find any organizations that combined our love for faith and agriculture, but AgriCorps allowed us to get our feet wet in the field of international agriculture. They are still operating in Liberia and we occasionally still partner with them on outreach programs for youth in Liberia. Here is their Facebook page in case you are interested in following along with their work or in case you know someone who might be interested in volunteering or working for them:

The mission of AgriCorps is “connecting American agriculture volunteers to the demand for experiential, school-based agricultural education in developing countries.”

Through this mission, they hope to achieve THREE major impacts:

  1. Globally minded American agriculture professionals with experience living abroad.
  2. Young leaders in developing countries committed to farming as a science and business.
  3. Food security in developing countries through improved agriculture production and value chains.

Check out this cool video about the impact AgriCorps is making through 4-H Ghana:

Here is another awesome video about 4-H in Liberia:

To learn more abour AgriCorps, check out their website: