Prayer Team

Prayer is one of the most important ways that you can support our ministry in Liberia.

Currently while we are home in the US during summer 2020, these are our biggest prayers needs:

  • For our friends and family still in Liberia. The COVID19 crisis was slow start outing in Liberia, but the numbers are gradually getting higher each day. In a country where more than 2/3 of the population live day-to-day on the little money they make selling in the streets and where the health care system in already overloaded with thousands of cases a day of malaria, typhoid, malnutrition, etc…we are worried for how it will affect the country. Food prices have gone up, please have lost jobs, and many people are fearful. Pray for God to take control and provide for the needs of His people there and throughout the world.
  • For our time in the US as we meet with partners and churches. Each year when we come home we are thankful for the time to rest and rejuvenate with family, but we are also busily working on networking, fundraising, and sharing testimonies to what God is doing in Liberia. In order for us to continue our work in Liberia, raising finances is a necessary part of what we do as we need money for our tickets, insurance, living expenses, and some projects. Please pray that God would help us to make connections and that He would provide for everything we need. He has provided every year for the last 4 years and we know that He can do it again.

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Below is a list of past prayer emails that have been sent out to prayer partners.