Farming God’s Way

Farming God’s Way (FGW) is the name of the curriculum that we use in our outreach to local communities who ask for agricultural trainings. It also serves as a guiding principle for us as we teach and demonstrate agricultural practices here at LICC (Liberia International Christian College).

For so many throughout the world who are struggling to get by on subsistence farming, agriculture education can be the key in helping communities to break out of the poverty cycle and start on a new path. But agriculture education alone is not always enough. To feed someone’s belly and ignore feeding their soul can rob that person of their ability to know their true identity in Christ. Aid or development in any form (agriculture, health, education, etc) although good, can sometimes distract us and lead us to worship and idolize the created (farms, schools, medicine) before the Creator. Also, agricultural technologies themselves are never the end-all be-all solutions. Teaching aspects of management, leadership, environmental stewardship, and financial responsibility are all key components to success so where better to turn to than the Bible for wisdom and teaching on these topics? And although much of Liberia profess to be Christian, we have found that many of our friends and neighbors are still participating in certain tribal religious practices that go directly against the Bible’s teachings, further separating them from the fulfillment and freedom that comes from a deep relationship with God.

Through the Farming God’s Way curriculum, which teaches aspects of agricultural technology as well as management and biblical concepts, we hope to address these challenges and create opportunities for people to come to know Christ as their savior as well as enable them to feed themselves and their communities, helping to reduce food insecurity and lifting families out of poverty.

Farming God’s Way

Biblical God’s Word brings the revelation and enlightenment that the yoke is first and foremost a spiritual yoke. If we only deal with the technical and management keys we will not be able to deliver the poor. We teach six major biblical keys to unlocking the potential of the land and its people. They are:

  1. Acknowledge God and God alone
  2. Consider your ways
  3. Understanding God’s all-sufficiency
  4. What you sow you will reap
  5. Bring the tithes and offerings to God
  6. Stake your claim

Management We have to teach the poor to make a sustainable profit for them to come out of poverty.The 3 management keys are:

  1.  On time
  2.  To high standards
  3.  With minimal wastage

Technology Technically, the laws that God has put in place in creation for the most productive ecosystems in the world include little or no soil disturbance, no destruction or incorporation of surface organic residues and a significant biodiversity of species. In keeping with this we model our agricultural practices on the above through:

  1.  No ploughing
  2.  100% mulch covers (which we refer to as God’s Blanket)
  3.  Practicing rotations


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