Redimere Chocolates

Redimere Chocolates is a locally-owned Liberian business that makes chocolate from locally-grown cocoa beans. We (Nathan and Anna Glenn) in our capacities as agriculture instructors with Liberia International Christian College have been helping with the development and expansion of the businesses ever since it began. It is owned by 2 of our students.

History of the Business: In 2018, students and staff in the Agriculture Department at Liberia International Christian College began experimenting with processing cocoa beans into chocolate. A few of the students, whose families had been growing cocoa beans their whole lives, were so impressed to see cocoa transformed into chocolate and were amazed at the opportunity to eat Liberian grown and made chocolate. Those students began processing more chocolate and selling it on the local market. Pretty soon, the business was formed and since Nov 2018 Redimere has been selling chocolate products in Monrovia and throughout Liberia. To see the longer version of this story, check out this blog: The Story of Chocolate at LICC.

Meaning of Redimere: Redimere means “redeemed” in Latin. 


Vision of Business: Redimere envisions a vibrant cocoa sector in Liberia with value-added processes like chocolate making being done here in Liberia. During the war, the cocoa sector value chain was almost entirely destroyed but through sustainable economic development, we believe that it can be redeemed once again to be even better than it was before. 

Product Description: Dark Chocolate Bar. 

  • Ingredients: 70% cocoa & 30% sugar 
  • No added preservatives or ingredients 
  • Cocoa beans are sourced directly from farmers in Bong, Lofa, and Nimba county 

Processing: Cocoa beans are fermented and dried by farmers. Redimere then roasts, shells, cracks, grinds, and blends the beans with sugar before the mixture is then poured into the molds. The chocolate bars are then wrapped and packaged in Ganta before being sent to distributors. The beautiful lappa bags that they are packaged in are made by the LICC Women and Girl’s Resource Center, a group that is dedicated to teaching women vocational skills so that they can provide for themselves and their families. 

Our staff: The business is owned by Liberians. The business employs students from the Agriculture Department at Liberia International Christian College (LICC) in Ganta. Other youth from the community are also employed on a contract basis for certain jobs.

Here’s a video that shows how the chocolate is made and the impact that it is having on the students who are involved:

Watch how chocolate is made all the way from bean to bar at our kitchen in Liberia:

Check out the photo album below to see the various products as well as pictures of the students working to make the chocolate. Pretty neat!!

Want to know how you can get involved in helping the business continue to grow? Contact us at