About Us


We are Nathan and Anna Glenn and we love God, agriculture, and serving others.

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We both grew up on small family farms and were active members of our local 4-H clubs in Maryland.  I (Anna) grew up in Baltimore County raising meat rabbits, dairy goats, and poultry in addition to growing a variety of fruits and vegetables in the garden.  Likewise, Nathan raised sheep, beef cows, and dairy cows on his family’s farm in Howard County.

We met at University of Maryland where we both started out studying  Animal Sciences. Mid-way through our college careers we both decided to add on a second major so Nathan added on Secondary Education and I went after a second degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technology. Throughout our years at UMD, we had many classes together, participated in most of the same clubs and activities, and hung out together and laughed all the time,  but it wasn’t until 2 months before we graduated that we decided to give the whole dating each other thing a try.  It was really perfect timing seeing how I was about to leave for Texas A&M in the fall for grad school…..not.


Luckily, we had lots to do to keep up busy during those 18 months of long-distance dating. Nathan started his first job as a high school agriculture teacher at Clear Spring High School and I worked on my Masters in Agricultural Leadership Education and Communication with a focus on International Agricultural Development.  During this time, we both learned so much about ourselves and each other and grew deeper in our relationships with Christ as individuals and as a couple. We continually prayed that God would one day use us and our love for agriculture and serving others to glorify His Kingdom. We just weren’t sure what that would like exactly but we were open to whatever He had planned.

After I returned to Maryland in January 2014, we got engaged 4 months later and then married 5 months after that (because when you know you know). We began our life together in Harford County, Maryland, me as a Horticulture Extension Agent and Nathan as high school agriculture teacher at a new school, North Harford High School. We love these jobs and we love our community- we each have such a wonderfully unique group of students, volunteers, parents, and other educators that we get to do life with everyday.


The decision to leave this community was a hard one, one that we have talked about and prayed about for a long long time.  But, together we know that we have a desire to take on new adventures, conquer new challenges, live in a new country, and explore other cultures and beliefs. We have also seen the huge need for agricultural education and youth development programs in developing countries and so feel called to serve in this way because “the place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” So….here we are, about to move to Liberia (one of the poorest countries in the world) and serve as agricultural educators!

We hope that you will stay with us through all of the ups and downs of this new adventure with AgriCorps!

One thought on “About Us

  1. God bless. So excited for you. You two are amazing people. I’m glad I got to know Anna a little bit through the fantastic MG program at the Ag Ctr in Hunt Valley.


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