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We are Nathan and Anna Glenn and we love God, agriculture, and seeing others thrive in Christ.

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We both grew up on small family farms and were active members of our local 4-H clubs in Maryland.  I (Anna) grew up in Baltimore County raising meat rabbits, dairy goats, and poultry in addition to growing a variety of fruits and vegetables in the garden.  Likewise, Nathan raised sheep, beef cows, and dairy cows on his family’s farm in Howard County.

We met at University of Maryland where we both started out studying  Animal Sciences. Mid-way through our college careers we both decided to add on a second major so Nathan added on Secondary Education and I went after a second degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technology.


After graduation, Nathan started his first job as a high school agriculture teacher at Clear Spring High School and I worked on my Masters in Agricultural Leadership Education and Communication with a focus on International Agricultural Development.  During this time, we both learned so much about ourselves and each other and grew deeper in our relationships with Christ as individuals and as a couple. We continually prayed that God would one day use us and our love for agriculture and serving others to glorify His Kingdom. We just weren’t sure what that would like exactly but we were open to whatever He had planned.

After I returned to Maryland in January 2014, we got engaged and married in the same year. We began our life together in Harford County, Maryland, me as a Horticulture Extension Agent and Nathan as high school agriculture teacher at a new school, North Harford High School.


In 2016, after much prayer and discussion, we quit our jobs and joined AgriCorps, moving halfway around the world to Liberia. The decision to leave our community was a hard one but together we know that we had a desire to take on new adventures, conquer new challenges, live in a new country, and explore other cultures and beliefs. Even then, we had also seen the huge need for agricultural education and youth development programs in developing countries and so feel called to serve in this way because “the place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

As AgriCorps Fellows we lived in Kakata, Liberia and worked as agriculture teachers, Future Farmers Association (FFA) advisors, and extension agents at a government high school called Booker Washington Institute (BWI). It was one of the hardest and most challenging years of our lives so far, and yet also one of the most rewarding. We grew so much professionally as teachers, closer in our marriage, and deeper spiritually in our relationships with God as we were forced to rely on Him more than we ever have before in the past. We also got to see students step into leadership roles and shine, help bolster the FFA and expand it to other schools, and make relationships to last a lifetime.

Now we are excited to come back to Liberia and work with a new organization, Hope in the Harvest Missions International, where we will be able to fully combine our love of agriculture and our faith in these new roles with the agriculture department at Liberian International Christian College. To learn more about this organization and how we found out about them and made the decision to join this mission visit here: https://glennsgoglobal.wordpress.com/2017/04/23/hope-in-the-harvest/.

Thank you for following along on this next adventure and thank you as always for your prayers and support. We couldn’t do this without them or you!

Nathan and Anna Glenn


5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. God bless. So excited for you. You two are amazing people. I’m glad I got to know Anna a little bit through the fantastic MG program at the Ag Ctr in Hunt Valley.


  2. Hi Nathan and Anna,
    My name is Dale McCaulley and I am the Executive Director of Teamwork Africa. Our ministry is primarily in Liberia, Bong County. We have been committed to clean water, education , and medical ministry. I would love to connect with you folks, as we are developing micro-economies using farming projects. We are all about building partnerships! I know Shawn and Camille Hakes and they shared your blog with us!


  3. Anna and Nathen,
    I am thinking and praying f both of you. I am sure it is hard to be away from your families this time of year, but you are part of a bigger family, God’s. You are doing his work that others can not do because it is your gift and calling. I am her for you both in prayer and friendship. MerryChristmas.
    Heather Wight


    • Thanks so much, Heather! The holidays are a difficult time for sure but it is nice to have so many new people here to connect with and so many friends back home who are sending well wishes! Thank you for keeping us in your prayers and for your friendship ❤ Merry Christmas to you too!


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