GlennsGoGlobal Youtube Channel

Hello friends,

Just wanted to update everyone that Nathan and I now have a YouTube channel called GlennsGoGlobal! If you want to subscribe to get email updates each time we upload new videos you can do so by 1) clicking on this link which will take you to our homepage and then 2) clicking on the red “subscribe” button in the top right-hand corner.

We will post videos of FFA activities, soccer games, walks around campus, trips to the beach, agricultural practicals with our students, church services, and much more!  I will also try and include links to specific videos in future blog posts so stay tuned.

Here is one of our videos that’s on the site now. We had an FFA officer training a few months ago and did a team building activity where the students had to move a marker from one end of the room to the basket at the other end of the room. Each of them could only use 1 finger at a time and they could not walk while touching the marker so they had to work as a team and hold onto it together and pass it carefully down the line. This is their last attempt out of three attempts and it was finally a success!

Miss you all and good luck with that big snow storm coming in today! Meanwhile it’s sunny and 95 here 😉

Nathan and Anna


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