Some days of teaching are very hard as you already know from my last post, but today…today was a good day! Today my heart is soaring ❤

Let’s take a step back. Today was my second day of teaching a brand new class, a class I have been superrrr excited to start teaching: NDA 247- Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology!!! What better class for a former extension agent to teach?? Yayyy!! This new class is a part of the NDA (National Diploma of Agricultural) certification program, which is a 2 year advanced certificate program for high school graduates wanting to obtain more education in the field of agriculture.  After showing up to an empty classroom two times in a row last week, the class and I finally got things rolling and jumped right into content this past Monday. The students range in age from 25 to 40 years old and I can already tell that the dynamic is going to be different from that of my high school class, mainly because the students are older and more mature and there are fewer of them (25 students- what a miracle!).

Today’s discussion was about “principles of extension” and the values and beliefs that guide our work as agricultural extension agents. After discussing these principles, I thought it would be really fun for the students to develop their own creed. (I’ve read the FFA Creed aloud so many times this past month as we have been going around promoting FFA and I guess the theme of creeds was on my mind haha). So I gave the students the following prompt: write your own version of “The Creed of the Liberian Agricultural Extension Agent.” I let them work with a partner and together they had to write 5-10 sentences about what they believed (about agriculture, the farmer, education, Liberia, youth, community, etc) and the results….the results were BEAUTIFUL, INSPIRING, and made my heart burst with PRIDE… pride in my chosen field of agriculture, pride in the work that agricultural extension does for the community, pride in these students, and pride in Liberia and where they are headed. I still can’t wipe the smile off my face when I re-read their work 🙂

Take a look for yourself! I’ve bolded the lines that really resonate with me and speak to my beliefs and values as well. I hope you enjoy their work, their creativity, and their passion as much as I did 🙂

The Creed of the Liberian Agricultural Extension Agent

  • I believe in agriculture
  • Agriculture serves as a backbone for every nation
  • Agriculture provides food security to a nation and its people
  • I believe agriculture provides employment for the people
  • I believe agriculture provides recreation
  • I believe agriculture boots the economy
  • I believe the agriculturalist should be respectful
  • I believe agriculture extensionist should provide adequate training for farmers
  • I believe teachers should follow the teaching pattern
  • I believe that as an agricultural extensionist it is our responsibility to alleviate poverty through agricultural education.
  • I believe that farmers are implementing partners to agricultural extension officers through sharing of ideas.
  • I believe that farmers are the sole suppliers of food to the general population so as such they must be empowered and encouraged.
  • I believe that as an agricultural extension officer, I should make sure that farmers benefit from my training.
  • I believe agriculture is the backbone of every nation.
  • I believe that agricultural extension agents should be knowledgeable.
  • I believe that the agricultural extension agent is a bridge between farmers and researchers.
  • I believe that farmers are hard working.
  • I believe that any nation that is involved in agriculture should have food security.
  • I believe that agricultural extension agents should be flexible.
  • I believe that an agricultural extension agent should be a good manager.
  • I believe that man plant, but God giveth the increase.


  • I believe that with agriculture, a nation is strong.
  • I believe that working with the local farmer and teaching them the importance of agriculture, they can sustain the nation.
  • I believe in agriculture because it provides food, medicine, cloth, and other materials for mankind.
  • I believe with the help of science in agriculture (research centers) we can all have a great reward in what we do.
  • I believe in education as an extension agent, because it teaches the local farmers and community that they can be able to train others.
  • I believe in education, the key of life, and trust of one being and what they live on.
  • I believe in agriculture, the root of food in the world.
  • I believe in farmer because they want to learn methods to plant their crops.
  • I believe in extension because they help the farmer grow.


  • I believe that agriculture is the best course in the world.
  • I believe in educating women.
  • I believe in farmer’s opinions.
  • I believe in the values of extension agents.
  • I believe in motivating local farmers.
  • I believe in community of organizations.
  • I believe in producing agricultural products.
  • I believe in working with farmers.
  • I believe in molding the minds of youths.
  • I believe the extension workers are persuasive.
  • I believe in neutrality.
  • I believe that agricultural agents can change the world with their innovations.


  • I believe that education is the key and agriculture is the solution to solve the world problem in shelter, clothing, and food.
  • I believe that agriculture is the backbone to every nation’s development.
  • I believe that partnershiping can bring in more ideas.
  • I believe that working with farmers, communities, and leaders can help extension work go faster.
  • I believe that agriculture provides a livelihood and food security for the world.
  • I believe that farmers are in need of agricultural extension agents.
  • I believe that the government should invest more in agriculture.


  • I believe that agriculture can change my life.
  • I believe that education can change my country.
  • I believe that the agricultural extension agent can make agriculture better in Liberia.
  • I believe that I can make in impact in my community by carrying on some agricultural practices.
  • I believe in motivating people to improve themselves.
  • I believe that farmer can change the nation in terms of food security and income generation for the nation when trained.
  • I believe that when I am an agricultural extension agent, I will transform my community and inhabitants in terms of their farming ability.


  • I believe that as an extension agent of agriculture, I can train the farmer to produce food for themselves. I believe that the lives of farmers will change if they involve in the production of crops and the raising of livestock.
  • I believe that a farmer can make income if they are involved in the production of crops and raising livestock.
  • I believe that farmers are willing to learn new ideas from an extension agent and they will produce more food for themselves and their community.


  • I believe that agriculture is nature, and no country can do without agriculture.
  • I believe in local farmers ideas as an agricultural extension agent.
  • I believe in cooperation and participation from both the farmer and the extension officer.
  • I believe in food security as an agriculturalist.
  • I believe in the adaption of rural farmers.
  • I believe in working with local farmers.
  • I believe in teaching in the agricultural field.
  • I do believe in leadership and democracy.
  • I believe in agricultural extension.



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